Diablo Valley Literacy Council

litThe Diablo Valley Literacy Council was started in 1978 by a group of women from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, along with several women from other churches, who had been active in literacy. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church sponsors us by providing free space for our tutor training classes, for various meetings and for our library materials. Our Board reflects our ecumenical diversity — Roman Catholic, Jewish and other Protestants serve on it.

Who We Are: The Diablo Valley Literacy Council is an organization made up of trained volunteers who are dedicated to teaching adult speakers of other languages to speak, read and write English well enough to function in our society.

What We Do: The Diablo Valley Literacy Council trains and supports English language tutors. Tutors meet with students individually or in small groups to instruct them in the English language using a method developed by Dr. Frank Laubach. Tutors use pictures, stories and conversations to teach the consonants, long and short vowel sounds of the English language, and vocabulary and sentence structure.

For more information, visit the DVLC website.