We are thrilled that you are thinking about membership. It’s a big deal to us.

Membership means that you have decided to commit to the Church of Jesus Christ here at Good Shepherd.

Here’s how to become a member.

First, hang out with us for a while.  We recommend that you be part of our community for at least six month before you decide whether or not we are right for you.  And if we’re not, talk to our pastor, he would love to help you find a church home.

Second, if you’ve been worshiping with us, and participating in our ministries, and you decide you want to go even deeper, then take a new member’s class.  We hold new member classes in January.  These classes are for those who are interested in finding out even more about Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and are considering church membership.  Please join us in our upcoming new member class.

Participation in the class doesn’t commit you to becoming a church member. It’s an opportunity for you to find out more about the life and ministry of Good Shepherd and to give prayerful consideration to whether you want to enter into membership.

Third, if you have hung out with us, taken our class, and decided you want to be a member we will receive you into the congregation as members during a Sunday liturgy.  We will gather around you to pray for you and welcome you into the congregation as a member.

We invite you to go beyond just “attending” to making a commitment to Jesus Christ and Christ’s Church here in this place.

We hope to see you around and in our classes.

One Final Note:
You don’t need to become a member of Good Shepherd to attend our worship services, participate in our ministries, or be active in congregation.